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Reaulk™ Waterproof Underwater Fishing Light

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Customer questions & answers

Does this light actually work? What’s the scientific explanation? 

Absolutely! It works by attracting tiny animals called zooplankton, which attract baitfish such as shad, herring, and minnows, which in turn attract predator fish such as bass, crappie, walleye, redfish, speckled trout, and other species

How well would this light work in a river with a strong current?

The Reaulk Mini Underwater Fishlight is meant for rivers with moderate current. If you're looking for one that can be used on a river with high current, and for heavy fishing, we strongly advise you choose the Reaulk Maxi Underwater Fishlight. We’ve used it on the Mississippi river with good results. Definitely a good light.

About how large of diameter do these lights illuminate underwater? Average.

About 14″. We have ours next to each other in the pond. Out of the water, both are extremely bright and your eyes can’t tell a difference in brightness. ALSO, SECURE WITH SILICONE BEFORE 1st USE. 3 months and no problems.

The Reaulk Mini Fishlight has a 9Watt (6V) illuminance power, while the Reaulk Maxi Fishlight has illuminance power of about 3000 lumens (50W), and can light as far as 30"+ diameter size.

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What type of batteries do I need for this light?

For the Reaulk Mini Fishlight, you can operate it with the use of a single AAA battery. Simply unscrew and attach the battery, and screw back in place, when you want to use it. The light automatically comes on. When not in use, please unscrew and remove the battery. 

Whereas, with the Reaulk Maxi Fishlight, you can hook to a trolling battery, I normally have a spare battery just in case, for emergency hook up. It’s an old motorcycle battery

How to prevent fish from eating it? I was thinking about using a sort of underwater dome? Anyone having this problem?

We don’t have any problem with fish eating the light they are just attracted to the light. We used it all summer

Can they be left in water for long periods?

Before using the light, We used clear silicone on the outside and inside of the cap where the wire is attached to be sure it didn’t leak. I left it in the water for 5 hours with no problem. It really does attract fish!

I have a toy car battery (12v and 9.5 ah) and a golf cart battery (12v and 35ah). which would be better to use? 

Any 12v battery will work for the Reaulk Maxi Fishlight.With the Reaulk Mini Fishlight, you only need a single AAA battery. The LED will last for hours and you will be amazed at how fast the fish will show up. Good luck and happy fishing.

Does it sink by itself? Or do you have to connect a weight?

It has built-in weight It sinks by itself

Any metal parts at the light side? Saltwater friendly?

Yes it is very well sealed.

As for the light itself, you'll love it and will be amazed at how well it works.

What color are the lights? Is there a fuse for electrical protection? 

The color is very bright green. There is not a fuse but you could add one for like 5 bucks. The wire is very well protected so there wouldn’t really be a need for a fuse though.

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Will it hurt the light to be used out of the water to light up a camping area if there is no water that can help keep it cool? Can it overheat itself?

LEDs do not produce much heat We don’t see it being an issue. I’ve used mine as a light on my boat to find tackle, or tie on a new jig.