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Ergonomic Rotating Arm Support Bracket



EVENLY DISTRIBUTES THE WEIGHT: Evenly distributes the weight of the entire forearm and elbow. The weight of the forearm is distributed over a large area

REDUCES LOCALIZED PRESSURE: This reduces localized pressure on the wrist and eliminates the constant strain on muscles in the neck, arms and shoulders that so many computer users experience.

USEFUL TRICKS: Behind its simplicity, the pad hides a few useful tricks. It can be adjusted to the desired position while the forearm is placed on top of the padlocks itself in place.

EASY TO INSTALL: Two units can be installed (one on each side of the keyboard) to give complete support to forearms. The armrest is extremely portable and installs simply and quickly.

The price is one, if you need to buy 2, please take 2 pieces

SAFE: The pad has been extensively tested for strength and we are confident that under normal use, it will not crack or break. Uses high-strength ABS engineering plastics, durable 

With the popularity of computer, children use computers to do their homework and study, while adults use computers to work and relax.

This product greatly reduces the pressure on your arms to support your wrists; promotes blood circulation to your neck, shoulders and wrists.