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Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser


Five toothbrush slots design can meet the needs of a big family or group. It can hold many types of toothbrushes, Ordinary toothbrushes, Electric toothbrushes, The child toothbrush. And it also is suitable for couples or single people. A compact toothbrush holder resolves multi-person sharing washroom problem, and also help you to save space at the same time.

The toothpaste holder includes two children cups and two adult cups with an anti-slip matte surface and a round edge. Magnetic adsorption design to make the cup invert water and keep the cups dry, to prevent the growth of bacteria, and convenient to pick up by children.

With an automatic toothpaste dispenser, you do not have to tighten toothpaste after use. There are two toothpaste dispensers, which are convenient to put different kinds of toothpaste, such as day toothpaste and night toothpaste, children toothpaste and adult toothpaste. Perfect for children, elderly and disabled.


  • Toothpaste squeezer is made of the best quality ABS PP PS plastic material, which is respectful of the environment
  • Harmless for children, durable and safe. 
  • Easily toothpaste dispenser, and can be easily removable to clean, not worry about clutter or be contaminated after using it for a long time.
  • The no trace sticker is easy to install, without the need for tools.

Installation Method:  

  1. Wipe the wall clean.
  2. Tear off the protective film behind the indentation.
  3. Stick to the wall and discharge the air.
  4. Install the body to the traceless sticker.
  5. Install the toothpaste to the top of the hole.
  6. Extruding the toothpaste tube to discharge the air.
  7. Place a toothbrush, water cup, and other items.
  8. First use, please push 3-5 times.