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Waterproof GPS Tracker and Watch for Kids

Y3 Blue
Y3 black
Y3 Pink

You can track outdoors, and continue to track a child even when they’re inside a building. Children can touch to make phone calls, answer phone calls, etc. It can wear a watch to swim in.

To 300,000 HD Cameras, children can capture beautiful moments. Parents can call the watch and children may call out to predetermined numbers. At any time you can tap in and listen to what your child is doing, thanks to an integrated mic. 

Children can receive a message from their guardian, but not send them. Two-way intercom function. Constantly monitor a child’s GPS location delivering updates through the mobile app, buzz the smartwatch as a sort of alert, or sound an alarm.

Parents can set geo-fence boundaries that send them automatic alerts as soon as their children leave them. If the child is in trouble, they can press an SOS button on the device to call for help.


  • It systematically begins to call contacts in a pre-programmed list, and if the first number doesn’t answer it will call the next until it goes through the entire list. 
  • The alert includes last known GPS info that’s pinged from the device when it’s removed. An additional panic alert will automatically send location data to a pre-programmed group of family or friends in the event of an emergency.
  • The device can be tracked by GPS for up to 30-96 hours with a tiny size